How to Use a Computerized Telescope?

How to Use a Computerized Telescope?

How to Use a Computerized TelescopeWhen deciding on what kind of telescope you want, you need to ask yourself, “What kind of telescopes are there?” There are two kinds of telescopes: computerized and non-computerized. A non-computerized telescope is a telescope that does not have a built in computer to aid you as you observe the night sky. A computerized telescope is a telescope that has its own computer built in the telescope mount. This sounds complicated, but it isn’t. You just need to know how to use a computerized telescope.

The purpose of the computerized telescope if to help you find objects in the sky that you are looking for. According to the researchers, computerized telescope can help you find more things than you would be able to find on your own. This really gives you a leg up when it comes to astronomy. Another good reason to own a computerized telescope is that it allows you to view the sky under unfortunate conditions: living in a polluted area where visibility is poor, for example. Another good thing about the computer is that it can teach you how to be a better astronomer, especially if you are self-motivated.

Now that you know what kind of telescope you want, you need to know how to use it. Do not be discouraged by the name. A computerized telescope does not have to be difficult or complicated. There are two types of computerized telescopes: motorized computer telescopes and non-motorized computer telescopes.

If you own a motorized computer telescope you simply choose the object you wish to observe. You do this by pressing on the hand control that is used for the computer. One website says that it works similarly to a TV remote. The computer tells the telescope where to move in order to be in the proper position to view the selected body or object. The computer then ensures that the object stays in view as long as you would like it to be.

How to Use a Computerized TelescopeIf you own a non-motorized computer telescope (also known as a manual computerized telescope), then your telescope works a little differently. This telescope still has the built in computer located in the mount, there is not a motor in the telescope though. Meaning, you become the motor and are in charge of moving the telescope into position. You are also in charge of ensuring that it stays in position the entire time. The computer helps you by telling which direction to turn the telescope (similar to a guidance system). This computerized telescope is the cheaper of the two options.

Keep in mind that every computerized telescope is a little different and that it is important to consult the instruction manual before using this marvelous piece of equipment. The basic principles should remain the same though. Using the computerized telescope should not be a difficult or frustrating experience as they were modeled with user friendliness in mind. If you have further questions, there are some excellent resources online that we believe you will find most enlightening. For now, enjoy your computerized telescope and appreciate the wonders of the heavenly bodies that await you.

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