How Smart are Smart Homes?

How Smart are Smart Homes?

How Smart are Smart HomesWe live in a world that is astonishingly connected to the Internet, and there is no denying the fact that even our lives revolve around the utility of the World Wide Web. Since smartphones and wirelessly connected computers have become a global phenomenon, people are also turning their homes into “smart homes” for added privacy and protection from external threats. How safe are we from cyber attacks and other sorts of external threats? Definitely not safe enough to sleep easy at night knowing that the safety and security of our family are at risk.

How Smart are Smart Homes?

There is no simple answer to this question, even though the concept of Smart homes is rather non-complicated. Security of a smart home involves connecting various household aspects like appliances, lighting systems, climate controls, and door locks to the Internet. This gives a central access to all the controls, which can be used by the resident according to their convenience.

The primary function of this type of security is to make life simpler by giving remote control over everything around the house.

Security concerns related to Smart Homes

How Smart are Smart HomesCompromised security system: Since Smart Security solutions are connected to the Internet; hackers might breach into the system and gain access to control of the door locks, garage door openers, security cameras, electronic windows, and many more things.

Hacking of connected thermostats: A large number of home security systems function based on the usage of a smart thermostat. In a recent demonstration, a hacker showed how he can hack a thermostat only in just 15 seconds. You might not think it’s a big deal, but this is a possible hacking method that may compromise your security.

Eavesdropping: Communication systems used in smart homes facilitate secure communication through the use of video conferencing, printers, computers, etc. So, if your home communication system is compromised by hackers, they may use it to eavesdrop on your personal life. Eavesdropping on your conversations on the telephone, and monitoring message and emails puts you at a direct threat from many different sources.

Smart TV hack: Smart TVs are convenient, but if hackers gain access to this device, it could mean a world of trouble for you. If the Smart TV in your home has a camera, hackers can use the feature to spy on you and your family even while the television is off. There had been incidences when hackers demanded ransom from their victims by locking all the channels on cable TV. The probability of someone hacking your Smart TV is not as unlikely as you may think.

Market for Smart Homes

The concept of smart homes has aroused so much interest that major technology companies like Apple and Google have already invested in the idea. According to research, the market for this technology will reach about $ 70 billion by 2018. But the truth is that we cannot ever be too much safe. Hackers and other cyber terrorists are constantly on the lookout to breach home security solutions to gain access to sensitive data, ask for ransom, or simply to create chaos.

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