Latest Flat Iron Technologies

Latest Flat Iron Technologies

Latest Flat Iron Technologies

Latest Flat Iron Technologies 1It can be confusing when you have to choose the right hair straightening flat iron because there are so many different types and materials in the market. One of the latest flat iron technologies is tourmaline. But what is tourmaline and are they safe? Nowadays, you will hear that if you want to buy flat irons you should choose the latest technologies. But what’s so special about them?

The good thing about tourmaline is that it emits negative ions when it’s heated up. Ideally, what cause static and frizzy hair is the positive ions found in the atmosphere which come from electricity, chemicals, and even heat. Tourmaline is capable of changing these positive ions into negative ions which results into soft, shiny, smooth hair. This is why this latest flat iron technology is much better than ceramics. But, tourmaline combined with ceramic is a good combination that gives a superb, healthy looking hair. For more information about flat irons visit for ratings and reviews on the products for 2016.

Why you should choose the latest technologies

You should not be fooled by buying cheap hair irons in the market because cheap can also mean poor quality. Before making any decision you should do plenty of research. Although some hair irons will straighten your hair beautifully, if they do not have the correct materials to conduct heat well they could have hot spots on the plates, eventually damaging some areas of hair causing breakages, burning and split ends. It’s, therefore, advisable that before you buy a flat iron, do your homework first and choose the best.

Benefits of the latest flat iron technology

Here are some of their benefits;

Latest Flat Iron Technologies 2· Due to the infrared heat technology, these flat irons not only make your hair silky smooth but, they also keep hair straight for a longer period of time. This means you can take some time before straightening your hair again.

· By using this technology you can straighten and style up your hair in less amount of time. Since you are taking a shorter amount of time to do this you are protecting your hair from damage due to heat.

· It has a variable heat setting that works for all hair types. This means that you do not have to worry about buying a flat iron that is specifically meant for your hair.

· This flat iron technology can heat three times faster than other technologies such as ceramics.

· As compared to ceramics, they emit six times the negative ions that give you a shiny hair.

· Due to its microporous technology the iron plates help locks the natural moisture of your hair. This is beneficial because it protects your hair from damaging or burning

· This technology is able to neutralize any static or frizz your hair

Final words

Although this latest flat iron technologies looks promising, styling your hair with heat regularly can sometime in the future turn into a disadvantage. This is why you should give your hair some break once in a while. You can even consider styling your hair without using styling products.

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