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A Technical Explanation on Water Softeners

A Technical Explanation on Water Softeners

Hard Water

A Technical Explanation on Water SoftenersWater is referred to as hard water if it has too much magnesium, calcium or other chemicals in it. Such materials are plentily available in the soils as well as the rocks within the ground. Water dissolves and absorbs them from such sources. The standard measurement for hard water is GPG (grains per gallon) or mg/L (milligrams per liter). Soft water tests at 1 GPG (which is the same as 17.1 mg/L) or less. Hard water, on the other hand, is approximately 7 to 10.5 GPG while very hard water tests higher than that. Water that is between soft and slightly hard can test at 3.5 to GPG.

The Problem with Hard Water

Hard water negatively affects the ability of soap to lather, whether in a dishwasher, sink, shower, or washing machine. It also reacts with the soap to produce some sticky residue. Using hard water requires the use of too much soap.

Dissolved magnesium and calcium precipitate out of such water in the form of scale building up on the sides of plumbing pipes, water heaters, industrial machinery, coffee makers and kettles among other devices. Scale occupies space in pipes restricting the amount of water passing through. It is not a good heat conductor as well. To eliminate such problems, water softeners can be used to combat hard water, and save the sanitary named showers, faucets, toilets, baths etc.

A Technical Explanation on Water Softeners

How Does Water Softeners Work?

A Technical Explanation on Water SoftenersWater softeners work on a simple principle according to the Water softener guy, whereby magnesium and calcium ions exchange their places with other ions that are more desirable (commonly sodium ions). This is an approach that does away with the two aforementioned hard water problems because sodium reacts quite well with soap and does not precipitate out into water holding equipment. Again, the process adds very little sodium to the water hence the water remains healthy.

The Ion Replacement Process

It happens in some tank full of resin (small polystyrene beads). Negatively charged beads get joined to sodium ions that are positively charged. Sodium ions change places with magnesium and calcium ions, which have stronger positive charge, as the water flows through the beads.

Why Water Softeners Are Loaded Up with Salt?

Magnesium and sodium get to replace the entire sodium within the beads for a number of cycles, after which such a unit cannot any longer soften the water. The softener must go through a process of regeneration to fix this problem. It does this by soaking the beads in a strong water and salt or sodium chloride solution. The pure sodium in the brine solution displaces the magnesium and calcium ions within the beads recharging the beads with sodium. Upon regeneration, the water softener does away with the brine that is remaining as well as the magnesium and calcium via the drainpipe.

Many home water softeners utilize the plastic bead & salt approach. The timing on when to regenerate is the key difference between them. Some of them utilize mechanical water meters for measuring water utilization and kicking on the recharge procedure at a time when sodium exhaustion needs it. Others utilize a computer, which judges bead depletion on the basis of water utilization. Other water softeners utilize electric timers, which flush and recharge on regular schedules.

Latest Flat Iron Technologies

Latest Flat Iron Technologies

Latest Flat Iron Technologies

Latest Flat Iron Technologies 1It can be confusing when you have to choose the right hair straightening flat iron because there are so many different types and materials in the market. One of the latest flat iron technologies is tourmaline. But what is tourmaline and are they safe? Nowadays, you will hear that if you want to buy flat irons you should choose the latest technologies. But what’s so special about them?

The good thing about tourmaline is that it emits negative ions when it’s heated up. Ideally, what cause static and frizzy hair is the positive ions found in the atmosphere which come from electricity, chemicals, and even heat. Tourmaline is capable of changing these positive ions into negative ions which results into soft, shiny, smooth hair. This is why this latest flat iron technology is much better than ceramics. But, tourmaline combined with ceramic is a good combination that gives a superb, healthy looking hair. For more information about flat irons visit for ratings and reviews on the products for 2016.

Why you should choose the latest technologies

You should not be fooled by buying cheap hair irons in the market because cheap can also mean poor quality. Before making any decision you should do plenty of research. Although some hair irons will straighten your hair beautifully, if they do not have the correct materials to conduct heat well they could have hot spots on the plates, eventually damaging some areas of hair causing breakages, burning and split ends. It’s, therefore, advisable that before you buy a flat iron, do your homework first and choose the best.

Benefits of the latest flat iron technology

Here are some of their benefits;

Latest Flat Iron Technologies 2· Due to the infrared heat technology, these flat irons not only make your hair silky smooth but, they also keep hair straight for a longer period of time. This means you can take some time before straightening your hair again.

· By using this technology you can straighten and style up your hair in less amount of time. Since you are taking a shorter amount of time to do this you are protecting your hair from damage due to heat.

· It has a variable heat setting that works for all hair types. This means that you do not have to worry about buying a flat iron that is specifically meant for your hair.

· This flat iron technology can heat three times faster than other technologies such as ceramics.

· As compared to ceramics, they emit six times the negative ions that give you a shiny hair.

· Due to its microporous technology the iron plates help locks the natural moisture of your hair. This is beneficial because it protects your hair from damaging or burning

· This technology is able to neutralize any static or frizz your hair

Final words

Although this latest flat iron technologies looks promising, styling your hair with heat regularly can sometime in the future turn into a disadvantage. This is why you should give your hair some break once in a while. You can even consider styling your hair without using styling products.

How Does an Electric Air Compressor Work?

How Does an Electric Air Compressor Work?

How Does an Electric Air Compressor Work 1Today, one can easily think of air compressors as a common tool. However, things were quite different in the past. An air compressor isn’t a tool you’d have easily found in a factory or workshop. Instead, tools used were powered by a centralized source that transferred the power in different ways, depending on the tool. It was usually through a system of belts, wheels and drive shafts- a large mechanical system which was way too expensive and bulky. It was thus only available to professionals.

Today, air compressors can be found almost everywhere. They can be found in workshops, factories, gas stations and local mechanic outlets. Electric air compressors serve to power tools like grinders, sanders, staplers, spray guns, impact wrenches, nail guns and plenty of others. You can obtain one online, from your home depot or local hardware store.

Of course, the most significant advantage of compressors over the centralized power sources is their small size and not needing a massive motor. As well, they’re quieter, highly portable and more durable.

How Does an Electric Air Compressor Work?

According to air compressors are versatile devices used to supply compressed air and power into the intended space. They’re used in activities that require high pressure, low volume air. They serve as a vital mechanic device for homeowners, commercial businesses, jet engines, manufacturing industries, refining and automotive industries.

In air compressors, atmospheric air is pulled in thus compressing the air. This, in turn, reduces the air’s volume and increases its pressure. We have 3 major types of electric air compressors: reciprocating, centrifugal and rotary compressors. Each of the aforementioned types is specially designed to meet the different requirements of different users.

1. Reciprocating (Piston)

This uses piston(s) to compress the air and store it in a tank. Depending on how many compression stages it has, a reciprocating compressor can either be a single stage or double stage configuration. With the single stage unit, only a single piston is used to compress the air. Two pistons are used to compress air in the double stage air compressor.

2. Rotary Screw

This is closely similar to the positive displacement configuration on reciprocating air compressors. Here, two spinning helical screws are used to compress the air, rather than pistons. As these screws mesh towards each other, the air gets compressed and is pushed into a storage tank.

3. Centrifugal

This is commonly referred to as a dynamic air compressor. It’s usually applicable in the cases of high demand for compressed air. A high speed rotating impeller increases the velocity of air, which is then directed towards a diffuser that converts the air velocity into pressure. Centrifugal air compressors require more energy than the other two types.

The Electric Air Compressor

How Does an Electric Air Compressor Work 2This comprises two main parts: a power source and a compressing system. The compressing system, in this case, can be a rotating impeller, piston or vane, depending on the type of compressor being referred to. The power is supplied by an electric motor. The compressing mechanism helps compress atmospheric air by making use of energy from the power source.

Basically, an air compressor compresses atmospheric air that’s then used as per the requirements. Atmospheric air is drawn in via an intake valve. More and more air gets pulled inside a limited space. Since the atmospheric air has been increased in the storage tank, the pressure is automatically raised and the volume gets reduced. Simply put, free air is compressed after reducing the volume and increasing its pressure.

A pressure setting knob is used as per the operator’s demands. Once the pressure in the storage tank reaches maximum level, intake of air is stopped by switching off the pressure from the pressure setting knob. Conversely, once the compressed air has been used, the pressure within the compressor falls. The pressure switch is then turned on, allowing for atmospheric air to make entry into the unit.

Depending on your budget and specific preferences, you can consult with reliable manufacturers on the most suitable electric air compressors. Ensure to purchase a model that’s durable, safe and easy to operate. In case you’re purchasing a used air compressor, ascertain to check the machine configuration, performance, operation type, operating cost and price of the unit before rendering the deal closed.

7 Latest Massage Chair Technologies

7 Latest Massage Chair Technologies

7 Latest Massage Chair Technologies 1With it, modernity has brought a significant strain on the human body. The number of people suffering from stress-related complications has actually never been this high. Whether working in the corporate world or running house chores, the body is always prone to extreme fatigue.

Often, there seems to be so much to be done in very little time. A top quality massage chair is a great means to reward oneself for all hard work. Technology has been rapidly evolving in the recent past, leading to quite some great capabilities for users.

Latest Massage Chair Technologies

At the very first, massage chairs had very basic operations. They were like pieces of industrial equipment that were difficult to use. However, recent technological advancements have made massage chairs more efficient, user-friendly and easy to operate, despite all the complex features. Here are some of the most remarkable latest massage chair technologies:

1. Variable Speed

The variable speed invention is among the finest innovations of massage chairs’ technology. It provides for better massage that doesn’t feel kike one’s riding a rickety train.

2. Body Scanners

The inclusion of body scanners has been of great aid in improving the comfort levels in massage chairs. These scan the back and appropriately adjust to the specific contours of each back. Essentially, this ensures that your back muscles- which suffer the most fatigue- get a proper massage.

3. The Air Bag Technology

Most modern massage chairs come equipped with several tiny airbags located all over the massage chair. The airbags are crucial to massaging particular areas of one’s back. They reliably help to improve blood circulation, which in turn, allows for a more relaxed feeling.

4. Roller Technology

This is gradually being incorporated into modern massage chairs. The roller technology works by targeting specific body areas, according to the person’s wishes. They can be used for arms massage- a part that was inaccessible to older massage chairs.

5. Heating Technology

7 Latest Massage Chair Technologies 2The inclusion of the great heating technology has revolutionized the whole concept of massage chairs. The heat here is similar to that that’s used in spa massages. This can be targeted towards specific areas of the body with pinpoint accuracy.

6. Audio Visual Technology

In addition, most massage chairs nowadays come with audio-visual technology. Most of them feature an LCD touchscreen from which individuals can choose what they’ll listen to or watch. This serves to further enhance the relaxation acquired from a massage chair.

7. Zero Gravity Technology

This is currently the most talked-about innovation in massage chairs. Every new massage chair ought to definitely have this feature included. The feature serves to scan the body and adjust the massage chair suitably. The position reached after the adjustments make one feel as if they’re floating in the air. It’s the most basic, yet most important feature to look out for in a good massage chair.

As well, a good massage chair would be one that offers remote control. Ability to control the massage chair remotely eliminates the need of having to move whenever you want to adjust the settings.

Massage chairs have inarguably come a long way, since their very first invention. The features above are just examples of how technology has impacted the development of massage chairs till date. Definitely, they’re just a glimpse of what’s possible with technology. Further improvements are continually being made on these chairs. We can barely predict what’s next but we’re certain to continue seeing more inventions and innovations.

How Does Metal Detector Work?

How Does Metal Detector Work?

Explaining How a Metal Detector Works 1Nothing can be more exciting than finding a buried treasure. Have you ever wondered how a metal detector, which is used by millions of people around the world to uncover priceless relics, works? The same technology used in this device is also used by the police, military and other security services to keep the world safe by detecting weapons and buried mines. The following sections focus on explaining how a metal detector works.

A metal detector is based on the principle of electromagnetic induction. It contains a coil of wire (the transmitter coil) wrapped around a circular head at the end of the handle. Whenever electricity flows through the coil, a magnetic field is created around it. As you sweep the device on the ground, you also move the invisible magnetic field around.

When the detector is swept over an object made of metal, the magnetic field in motion affects the atoms in the metal altering the way in which the electrons move. Now, according to Maxwell’s rule, the changing magnetic field induces an electric current in the metal. However, Maxwell also proved that the electricity moving in a metal object also creates some magnetism. Simply put, the magnetic field produced in the metal detector creates an additional magnetic field around the metal.

The detector has an additional coil of wire called the receiver coil near its head. It picks up the second magnetic field which is induced in the metal. Once the detector is swept over a metal piece, the magnetic field induced in the metal cuts through the coil causing an electric current to flow through it, again according to the Maxwell’s rule. The receiver coil is connected to a loudspeaker which makes a beep sound due to the current flow. As the transmitter coil is moved closer and closer towards the metal object, the noise becomes louder. Learn more about metal detecting and read metal detector reviews at


Most metal detectors provide a numeric display which shows the target’s possible identity. This feature is called Visual Discrimination Indicator (VDI). It allows us to make informed decisions about which targets to choose to dig instead of relying solely on the instrument’s audio discriminator to do the job.


Explaining How a Metal Detector Works 2This feature allows the instrument to respond to the targets within a certain range and rejects targets outside the range. Sophisticated detectors come with features that allow you to set multiple accept or reject responses.


They can be classified into the VLF (Very Low Frequency) type and the PI (Pulse Induction) type. The VLF detectors come with the technology that is discussed above. A PI detector’s search coil is different from that of a VLF detector as a single coil is used in it for both the transmitter and receiver. Although it isn’t suitable to hunt for metallic objects in urban areas (as they contain iron trash), they are perfect for relic hunting in rural areas where ferrous trash is non-existent. They are also used in extreme search conditions such as highly mineralized ground or salt-water beaches to search for objects buried very deep.

Owning one of these devices can be fun. Hunting for valuables that that are buried under the ground can be a fantastic hobby provided that you know how to use a metal detector.

Which Type of Hot Tub Is Considered the Best?

Which Type of Hot Tub Is Considered the Best?

Which Type of Hot Tub Is Considered the Best

A hot tub readily conjures images of luxury and extreme relaxation. Besides serving as a good place where you can relieve the stress that has built up through the course of hectic workday, hot tubs also have been associated with a few health benefits. This is simply due to the fact that it’s technically a form of hydrotherapy.

If you’ve been meaning to acquire install one in your home, you’re probably wondering what the different types of hot tubs are and which one is the best. By finding out how each functions and what their specific special features are, you’ll gain a greater understanding of how most costumers value them.

Types of Hot Tubs

The most well-known hot tubs are the above-ground hot tubs. Customers love them due to the simple fact that they can be made of numerous materials, besides their standard acrylic and fiberglass make. They can also be. Take note that their material greatly affects their cost. This is why their costs can vary a lot. What’s good about these types of spas is that there is a plethora of designs that you choose for them, and most brands come with advanced features.

If, on the other hand, you prefer a more rustic, traditional-looking hot tub, then you should definitely consider getting a wooden hot tub. They are also very sturdy and one of the most durable of their kind. These features separate them from their other above-ground counterparts. They can be made from different kinds of wood like cedar or redwood. Most of the best wooden hot tubs (as the variety of units are displayed on don’t cost more than $10,000. Some can be installed for approximately $4,000, making them considerably economical.

Which Type of Hot Tub Is Considered the Best

The third type is an inflatable hot tub, which has the distinct advantage of being portable. If portability is a priority, then know that these are the best types of hot tubs for the said purpose. This is because they can inflated or deflated when the need arises. Made up vinyl mostly, units also come with a motor that you can use to inflate it. You can then proceed to fill it up with water and connect it to the heater afterwards. They are very low-cost as well since most brands can be bought for not more than $1,000.

At the opposite side of the spectrum are the expensive in-ground hot tubs. They are fixed and require careful planning before they are installed because they require excavation. Most are made up of a special kind of concrete (granite), and you can choose to decorate it with tiles that have exquisite patterns. They are commonly found in mansions and upscale resorts, and cost around $15,000 to $20,000 to install. So, you may ask, which type of hot tub is considered the best?

The Best Hot Tub Depends on You

With that said, the best hot tub certainly hinges a lot on your personal preference and subjective opinion of the different types of hot tubs mentioned above. Functionality, design, cost, and size are but some of the important factors that you should pay attention to. If versatility and all-around popularity would be considered, though, then a lot of hot tub owners would probably single out above-ground hot tubs as one of the most excellent types available at present.

The other kinds of hot tubs are certainly not without their individual strengths, though. It’s for this reason that customers have varying opinions about what hot tub performs best. This is also why you should place extra care in finding out what your prospective brand of hot tub is all about and what its overall features are. Once you land on the one that suits your lifestyle and needs, you’d probably think it’s the best hot tub in the world as well.

Bluetooth Shower Head Explained

Bluetooth Shower Head Explained

What is a Bluetooth shower head?

Bluetooth Shower Head Explained 1A bluetooth shower head an ordinary shower head just like any other, the only difference being that it has a Bluetooth speaker in it that releases music to keep you entertained as you take your shower. Not the same as a basic waterproof Bluetooth speaker, a shower head speaker is intended to fit straightforwardly inside of the shower head.


Magnets are utilized to hold the speaker set up, making it simple to pop into utilization additionally simple to uproot to revive the speaker batteries. Bluetooth network permits you to connect remotely to your Android phone, iPhone, PC or another gadget. Just associate with your picked device to match up and play your most loved tracks. The compact and waterproof speaker can regularly be uprooted and utilized outside of the shower for better usefulness. The body is usually made of silicone to minimize slippage.

In spite of the fact that it is intended to be utilized both in and out of the washroom, the ebb and flow of the speaker imply it moves around a bit when you put it on a level surface. So, we don’t expect numerous individuals will utilize the speaker outside the shower (there is an excess of good, moderate choices out there as of now). It is cool, in any case, that you can take that podcast you were listening to in the shower with you back to the changing area.

How do you Set it Up?

While installing your Bluetooth showerhead, mainly line your shower spigot with some fixing tape then tighten the showerhead. Utilize a wrench to give it that additional fixing, turn on the water to check if there is any spillage. If not, then you are ready. While you’re introducing the showerhead, leave the speaker bit charging with the aid of USB.

The gadget will begin flickering once associated, and stop when the battery is full. When you are prepared to utilize it, hold your showerhead power catch until blue light shows up. Once recharged, use your cell phone’s Bluetooth setting to filter for the Bluetooth speaker, match the two gadgets, and now you will be all set.

What Advantages do you get from Bluetooth shower heads?

Bluetooth Shower Head Explained 2It is portable: It is possible to use it outside the shower as well. Hence, you will not be required to buy another speaker for your music entertainment needs.

Be entertained while in the shower: If you are a music lover, you will still be able to enjoy your nice music while still showering hence no need to hurry up, just spend your usual time in the bathroom and be clean.

It encourages multitasking: You can be able to sing along to your beats if you are a singer and come up with new songs while in the shower and prepare for your show. No need to panic about the inadequacy of time to prepare.

Finding the best Bluetooth speaker shower head

You will need to consider the following when buying a Bluetooth shower head to ensure value for your money:

Sound quality: Make sure to buy one with good sound quality that you can comfortably listen.

Bluetooth connectivity: How your mobile device connects to the shower head should be an essential factor to consider to prevent an incompatibility problem situation.

The quality of the shower: you will not just be buying the speaker for music; the showerhead needs to release a good water spray, not just dribbles.