Bluetooth Shower Head Explained

Bluetooth Shower Head Explained

What is a Bluetooth shower head?

Bluetooth Shower Head Explained 1A bluetooth shower head an ordinary shower head just like any other, the only difference being that it has a Bluetooth speaker in it that releases music to keep you entertained as you take your shower. Not the same as a basic waterproof Bluetooth speaker, a shower head speaker is intended to fit straightforwardly inside of the shower head.


Magnets are utilized to hold the speaker set up, making it simple to pop into utilization additionally simple to uproot to revive the speaker batteries. Bluetooth network permits you to connect remotely to your Android phone, iPhone, PC or another gadget. Just associate with your picked device to match up and play your most loved tracks. The compact and waterproof speaker can regularly be uprooted and utilized outside of the shower for better usefulness. The body is usually made of silicone to minimize slippage.

In spite of the fact that it is intended to be utilized both in and out of the washroom, the ebb and flow of the speaker imply it moves around a bit when you put it on a level surface. So, we don’t expect numerous individuals will utilize the speaker outside the shower (there is an excess of good, moderate choices out there as of now). It is cool, in any case, that you can take that podcast you were listening to in the shower with you back to the changing area.

How do you Set it Up?

While installing your Bluetooth showerhead, mainly line your shower spigot with some fixing tape then tighten the showerhead. Utilize a wrench to give it that additional fixing, turn on the water to check if there is any spillage. If not, then you are ready. While you’re introducing the showerhead, leave the speaker bit charging with the aid of USB.

The gadget will begin flickering once associated, and stop when the battery is full. When you are prepared to utilize it, hold your showerhead power catch until blue light shows up. Once recharged, use your cell phone’s Bluetooth setting to filter for the Bluetooth speaker, match the two gadgets, and now you will be all set.

What Advantages do you get from Bluetooth shower heads?

Bluetooth Shower Head Explained 2It is portable: It is possible to use it outside the shower as well. Hence, you will not be required to buy another speaker for your music entertainment needs.

Be entertained while in the shower: If you are a music lover, you will still be able to enjoy your nice music while still showering hence no need to hurry up, just spend your usual time in the bathroom and be clean.

It encourages multitasking: You can be able to sing along to your beats if you are a singer and come up with new songs while in the shower and prepare for your show. No need to panic about the inadequacy of time to prepare.

Finding the best Bluetooth speaker shower head

You will need to consider the following when buying a Bluetooth shower head to ensure value for your money:

Sound quality: Make sure to buy one with good sound quality that you can comfortably listen.

Bluetooth connectivity: How your mobile device connects to the shower head should be an essential factor to consider to prevent an incompatibility problem situation.

The quality of the shower: you will not just be buying the speaker for music; the showerhead needs to release a good water spray, not just dribbles.

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