7 Latest Massage Chair Technologies

7 Latest Massage Chair Technologies

7 Latest Massage Chair Technologies 1With it, modernity has brought a significant strain on the human body. The number of people suffering from stress-related complications has actually never been this high. Whether working in the corporate world or running house chores, the body is always prone to extreme fatigue.

Often, there seems to be so much to be done in very little time. A top quality massage chair is a great means to reward oneself for all hard work. Technology has been rapidly evolving in the recent past, leading to quite some great capabilities for users.

Latest Massage Chair Technologies

At the very first, massage chairs had very basic operations. They were like pieces of industrial equipment that were difficult to use. However, recent technological advancements have made massage chairs more efficient, user-friendly and easy to operate, despite all the complex features. Here are some of the most remarkable latest massage chair technologies:

1. Variable Speed

The variable speed invention is among the finest innovations of massage chairs’ technology. It provides for better massage that doesn’t feel kike one’s riding a rickety train.

2. Body Scanners

The inclusion of body scanners has been of great aid in improving the comfort levels in massage chairs. These scan the back and appropriately adjust to the specific contours of each back. Essentially, this ensures that your back muscles- which suffer the most fatigue- get a proper massage.

3. The Air Bag Technology

Most modern massage chairs come equipped with several tiny airbags located all over the massage chair. The airbags are crucial to massaging particular areas of one’s back. They reliably help to improve blood circulation, which in turn, allows for a more relaxed feeling.

4. Roller Technology

This is gradually being incorporated into modern massage chairs. The roller technology works by targeting specific body areas, according to the person’s wishes. They can be used for arms massage- a part that was inaccessible to older massage chairs.

5. Heating Technology

7 Latest Massage Chair Technologies 2The inclusion of the great heating technology has revolutionized the whole concept of massage chairs. The heat here is similar to that that’s used in spa massages. This can be targeted towards specific areas of the body with pinpoint accuracy.

6. Audio Visual Technology

In addition, most massage chairs nowadays come with audio-visual technology. Most of them feature an LCD touchscreen from which individuals can choose what they’ll listen to or watch. This serves to further enhance the relaxation acquired from a massage chair.

7. Zero Gravity Technology

This is currently the most talked-about innovation in massage chairs. Every new massage chair ought to definitely have this feature included. The feature serves to scan the body and adjust the massage chair suitably. The position reached after the adjustments make one feel as if they’re floating in the air. It’s the most basic, yet most important feature to look out for in a good massage chair.

As well, a good massage chair would be one that offers remote control. Ability to control the massage chair remotely eliminates the need of having to move whenever you want to adjust the settings.

Massage chairs have inarguably come a long way, since their very first invention. The features above are just examples of how technology has impacted the development of massage chairs till date. Definitely, they’re just a glimpse of what’s possible with technology. Further improvements are continually being made on these chairs. We can barely predict what’s next but we’re certain to continue seeing more inventions and innovations.

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