2016: Latest Trends In Tech

2016: Latest Trends In Tech

Technology is becoming more immersive and intuitive. And as the tech changes, so does the way we live. To chart the best way forward, you must comprehend the emerging trends and how we can operate them. The trends are a manifestation of sustained changes in society, human behavior and the industry sector.

In 2016, many companies have emphasized on the Internet of things, and smart devices, talking to each other getting smaller and more useful. Here are some of the latest tech trends in 2016:

1. Drones

Latest Trends In TechTwo months ago, at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, I was surprised by the number of booths with nets surrounding them so that the drone makers could show off the machines. It is also crystal clear that China is winning when it comes to drones. DJI, a Chines company, is now the world’s biggest drone maker and a symbol of tech success in Shenzhen. The company is launching drones with thermal cameras which can spot the warmth from human bodies on rescue missions.

2. Virtual Reality

Latest Trends In TechVirtual reality has not reached a mass market when compared to drones. However, that may change with the release of the long-awaited VR headset from Oculus Rift in March. When Facebook acquired Oculus $2 billion in 2014, it paved the way for virtual reality to become mainstream. Oculus has managed to hire some of the words top video games developers. According to analysts, the gaming industry will be first market virtual reality conquers. Apple is acquiring virtual reality companies and hiring talents from the top VR firms. Moreover, Google is working profusely on a high-quality device, in addition to the Google Cardboard headset which is already on the market.

3. The Device Mesh

Latest Trends In TechA variety of tech trends has led to an increased number of the sensors embedded in many devices and technologies that we use professionally. According to Researchers, these sensors that tend to work in silos will increasingly work in concert thus leading to greater insights into our daily patterns.

4. The Creation of Social Robots

Latest Trends In Tech2016 have been a year of social robots. The robots can interact with humans, improve behavior with clues and even get to people. Softbank, the Japanese robot company, released its first generation of social robots, Pepper, which sold out 1000 of them in less than a minute. The French robotics company, the Blue Frog Robotics is developing its own social robot Buddy, which can be able to recognize facial expressions.

5. 3D Printing Materials

Latest Trends In Tech3D printing has caught stride now that firms like the Tesla are using it to create engine parts while the SpaceX is using 3D printing to create rocket parts. According to researchers, better application of the tech to food and biological material will follow.

6. Quantum computing

Latest Trends In TechQuantum computers can solve problems which are computationally too difficult for a classical computer that can only access information in 0s and 1s. Quantum computers require special algorithms that are capable of doing new things such as Shor’s algorithm that can factorize any prime number. According to National Security Agency, the cryptography will be rendered obsolete once the quantum computers go into widespread use.

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